House Council

NCHW Council is an advocacy and programming board for the residents of New College House West. Members represent the needs of residents of NCHW through conversation, liaising with senior staff (House Director, House Coordinator, Faculty) and programming. Funding is provided from the house budget.

As House Council forms and solidifies its mission and goals, additional interests and initiatives may be taken up, such as service, community dialogue and partnership with other student organizations.

House Council is an essential leadership organization in New College House West; members will also have the opportunity to explore their leadership style and develop skills related to collaboration, facilitation and communication, among other topics.

Residents can be involved in House Council in many ways:

- Participate in events.

- Be a floor representative and communicate council news with their RA and floor mates.

- Be an executive board member and collaborate to lead the group's implementation of initiatives. 

- Join a House Council sub-committee and contribute to new activities, traditions, or practices that encourage community growth in NCHW.